Benefits Of Choosing A Female Gynecologist

The field of gynecology in health care has changed over the past several years, as well as the diversity of trained doctors providing women healthcare. In the past, the bureau of labor statistics reports only a small percentage of female gynecologists and obstetricians. The field of obstetrics and gynecology originally started out as a male-dominated career field. There has been a radical shift as evidenced by the current percentage of women obstetricians and female gynecologists in today’s workforce. Currently, nearly fifty percent of practicing OB/GYN specialists are women, and eighty percent of OB/GYN residents are female. With the numbers rising for female doctors, it is not hard to imagine that the future may show a complete reversal from what was expected regarding men and women in the OB/GYN field. There are many potential reasons for this, one of which might involve the many benefits of a woman choosing a female gynecologist for her care and well-being. Let’s discuss some reasons why choosing a female gynecologist is beneficial:

Why should I choose a female gynecologist?

Many women feel more comfortable talking about their reproductive health with another woman than they would with a man. Oftentimes, proper gynecological care is reliant on the patient feeling comfortable providing information about their personal issues to the doctor, and this is often far easier when a woman is talking to another woman about their concerns involving the female reproductive system. Some women feel uncomfortable talking to a male doctor, particularly when it comes to issues such as painful intercourse, vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, and unusual vaginal discharge. This is one reason why female physicians and medical doctors have a huge advantage over males when it comes to treating female patients.  Find a good female gynecologist near you.

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Is a male or female gynecologist better?

Female gynecologists have a tremendous advantage over male gynecologists simply because a woman is more likely to empathize with a problem they may have had or can understand over a male who doesn’t have the same body and may not be able to understand, regardless of their medical school training or knowledge from a textbook. Women obviously share the same reproductive organs, so the understanding and potential for having gone through the same issues are very possible. Being able to understand and empathize with patients is crucial in gynecology and obstetrics because if you feel the person you are speaking with is likely to understand your condition, you are more likely to share personal information with them comfortably so that they might be able to help you with your problem more effectively. This understanding and comfort with disclosure create a dialogue between the patient and the doctor that might otherwise be impossible. As a physician, for example, being able to explain to the patient the emotional and physical nature of a pap smear procedure can make the biggest difference in the comfort of the visit.

Are female gynecologists more supportive?

There are other general differences between male and female gynecologists that may offer female doctors a greater advantage in treating certain problems, depending on each woman’s unique situation. Researchers have reviewed surveys to determine noticeable differences between male and female doctors regarding interactions with their patients. For example, among gynecologists, women were found to have a more supportive attitude about abortion and birth control than men. Depending on the situation, this could be a more positive interaction for the patient depending on their unique situation and needs. Male gynecologists also tend to rate the quality of their own work higher than their patients do. Men tend to prescribe more pharmaceuticals, which can definitely have its drawbacks. Women tend to make more referrals to specialists for medical conditions, which can be beneficial in ensuring the female patient experiences the best care possible from the most knowledgeable doctor.

An interesting side note to all this is that while there are many benefits in choosing a female gynecologist over a male gynecologist for women, there is still a surprising difference in the pay scale for men versus women. With no difference in certifications, female gynecologists are found to earn twenty-three percent less than their male counterparts. This is an interesting and shocking fact to discover. While there have been many great advancements for women and equality, there is still a noticeable difference in the pay scale for a male versus a female gynecologist.

How to find a female OB/GYN?

As you can see, there are many benefits in choosing a female gynecologist over a male gynecologist. Women deserve a comfortable experience with an understanding doctor where they can talk about their problems, feeling free of judgment and knowing they will have both sympathy and empathy regarding their situations and issues. As a woman, knowing how a procedure will feel, both physically and emotionally, is a valuable resource in getting through the procedure, and any necessary recovery, properly prepared and confident to face the obstacles on the road ahead. Women deserve the best care from a licensed gynecologist possible, and a female doctor is often the best choice.

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