Is Cervical Dysplasia Serious? How Does Cone Biopsy and LEEP Treat It?

  • How long does it take to recover from a cone biopsy?
  • Is Cone biopsy painful?
  • What are the side effects of a cone biopsy?
  • What is the procedure for a cone biopsy?
  • How long does it take to recover from a LEEP procedure?
  • What can I expect after a LEEP procedure?
  • How painful is the LEEP procedure?
  • Can a LEEP procedure get rid of HPV?

What is a cone biopsy procedure?

Cervical conization (also known as cone biopsy) refers to the excision of a cone-shaped portion of the cervix surrounding the endocervical canal and including the entire transformation zone. Excision of the entire transformation zone with a cone-shaped biopsy is a diagnostic, and potentially therapeutic, procedure for women with cervical neoplasia.

What is a LEEP procedure?

If you have an abnormal cervical cancer screening result, your health care professional may suggest that you have a loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) as part of the evaluation or for treatment. LEEP is one way to remove abnormal cells from the cervix by using a thin wire loop that acts like a scalpel. An electric current is passed through the loop, which cuts away a thin layer of the cervix.

How long does it take to recover from a cone biopsy?

Try to rest as much as you can for the first week or so. You do not have to stay in bed. But you shouldn’t be too active either. Don’t do any heavy housework or carry heavy loads. It will help if you can arrange for a relative or friend to help you for a few days, particularly if you have children to look after. Most women are able to go back to work within 1 or 2 weeks. You shouldn’t do any vigorous exercise or have sexual intercourse for 4 to 6 weeks after your cone biopsy. By that time your cervix will have healed.

How long does it take to recover from a LEEP?

Most women return to work the following day. A cervical cancer screening will need to be done after your procedure to be sure that all of the abnormal cells are gone. If you have another abnormal screening test result, you may need more treatment. Protect the health of your cervix by:
  • Regular pelvic exams and cervical cancer screening.
  • Stop or don’t smoke
  • Limit sexual partners and use condoms to reduce your STI risk.

Is cone biopsy painful?

Depending on how the cone biopsy is done, a local anesthetic or general anesthesia may be administered so pain during the procedure is minimal if at all. Most women return to most of their normal activities within a week after a cone biopsy.

How painful is the LEEP procedure?

Local anesthesia will be used to prevent pain. It is given through a needle attached to a syringe. You may feel a slight sting, then a dull ache or cramp. The loop is inserted into the vagina to the cervix. There are different sizes and shapes of loops that can be used. You may feel faint during the procedure. If you feel faint, tell your health care professional immediately.

What is the procedure of a cone biopsy?

A speculum is put into your vagina to see the cervix and remove a cone shaped wedge of tissue from your cervix. This tissue is then sent to the laboratory to examine it.

What can I expect after a LEEP procedure?

You may have watery, pinkish or brownish-black discharge and mild cramping. It will take a few weeks for your cervix to heal. Do not place anything in the vagina, such as tampons or douches while your cervix heals. Do not have intercourse and be sure to wait for your doctor advision to resume sexual activity. Walk-in to the GYN Emergent Care Center if you are experiencing heavy bleeding that’s more than your normal period, clots or severe abdominal pain.

What are the side effects of a cone biopsy?

There is a small risk of heavy bleeding. If you begin to experience heavy bleeding or clots once you are at home, you may need treatment to stop the bleeding. Contact your healthcare provider of walk-in to the GYN Emergent Care Center immediately if you experience these symptoms. Infection is always a possible risk after surgery and there is a small risk of this after the biopsy. You may need antibiotics to cut out the infection. Walk-in to the GYN Emergent Care Center immediately if you are experiencing vaginal discharge with an odor, persistent lower abdominal pain and/or fever. Avoid having sex and using tampons for up to 6 weeks after the biopsy. A cone biopsy can weaken and narrow the cervix increasing miscarriages in the future if you become pregnant.

Can a LEEP procedure get rid of HPV?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for the virus and once it has been in your system, it cannot be eliminated from it once you have been infected with HPV. The HPV vaccine prevents an infection in the future and is for women who have never been infected. It usually needs to be given before a person becomes sexually active.

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