Complete Women Care Updates

Dear Patient, We hope you are staying safe and happy through this holiday season so far!

The pandemic has hit the healthcare industry hard and unfortunately this has included the Complete Women Care team. We wanted to reach out to you and provide our gratitude to entrusting us with your healthcare through these trying times.

Due to staffing challenges in this last year, we have needed to make necessary schedule changes to accommodate patients as best we feel fit. Our office staff and beyond have been working tirelessly to ensure appointments are kept and not rescheduled or cancelled unless absolutely necessary. If you are waiting for any of the following pending items, please note that you can access them all through the Complete Women Care Patient Portal. All you need is to be registered as a patient and an email to sign up! See below for your patient benefits and registration instructions.

How do you start?

Simply click the Register Now button if you are new to our Patient Portal or Login! Valid email address required.



  • Viewing lab results
  • Requesting refills
  • Messages for Physician’s and Staff
  • View medication history
  • Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments
  • Make payments online or view billing history
  • Update insurance and other information

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