Crafting for Hope!

The GYN Emergent Care Center – Our COVID-19 Story!

Our team of all-female OB/GYN specialists are completely dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. Our team has been working tirelessly sticking to our commitment to remaining open throughout the pandemic closures.

In between providing top-notch GYN care and performing crucial surgical procedures, we have converted one of the doctor’s offices into our very own face mask making station!  Dr. Jinwen Lin has been teaching our staff how to sew face masks because the safety of our patients and staff is still our top priority. We hope this story helps bring to the world a little more, well, HOPE!

We are so proud and fortunate to say we’ve been able to keep our doors open throughout this difficult time without having to let any of our amazing staff members go so they can continue caring for our community and beyond.

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