What is a MyoSure Procedure?

The procedure explained

The MyoSure tissue removal procedure removes fibroids, polyps and other intrauterine tissue without having to remove the uterus. Your doctor inserts an instrument into your uterus through the vagina that gently cuts away at the unwanted tissue to take it out of your body. On average, a 3 cm fibroid (about the size of a grape) can be removed in approximately 10 minutes. The MyoSure procedure is designed to allow your doctor to remove any growths in your uterus, while preserving uterine function and form. This is especially important if you want to have children in the future.

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Procedure steps

Step 1

Our OB/GYN Specialist will slightly open your cervix by passing through the vagina and will insert a slender camera through your cervix into your uterus. This will allow the doctor to examine the tissue.

Step 2

Your doctor passes a slender wand through your vagina into your uterus. The side of the wand gently cuts the fibroid or polyp into tiny pieces and suctions the removed tissue through a small open window into the wand and out of your body.

Step 3

Once the fibroid or polyp has been taken away, the wand is removed from the uterus. Nothing from the MyoSure tissue removal system is left in your body after the procedure. (Source: MyoSure.com)

97% of patients recommend MyoSure

The MyoSure procedure is simple and efficient, and can be performed by your doctor in their office.  The procedure takes between 15-30 minutes to complete – it’s quick!  After having fibroids and polyps interrupt your lifestyle for so long, just think that they can removed and you can get back to what you enjoy most.

What are the benefits of the MyoSure Procedure?

The MyoSure procedure is used primarily to perform either a myomectomy (removal of fibroids) or polypectomy (removal of polyps). It allows your doctor to remove the unwanted uterine tissue without having to remove the uterus. Because of this, your uterus form and function are retained. As a result, this may be an appropriate treatment option if you are looking to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding caused by polyps or fibroids, yet still want to preserve your chances for having children in the future.

Why should I consider this procedure?

  • May reduce heavy bleeding associated with fibroids or polyps
  • Only removes targeted tissue in your uterus
  • May be a treatment option for patients with infertility associated with unwanted tissue in the uterus
  • A minimally invasive procedure with a quick recovery time

Should I feel comfortable having it?

Here’s why you can feel comfortable if your doctor has recommended the MyoSure procedure:
  • You’re in good company: One study shows that over 97% of women who have had the MyoSure procedure performed are likely to recommend the procedure to a friend.1
  • Quick procedure: It is typically an outpatient procedure – you can go home the same day.
  • Preserve what matters most: fibroids and polyps can be removed while preserving uterine form and function

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